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Present Day

Today the Clarion House remains a monument to those early socialist pioneers and continues to be a haven for walkers and cyclists.

The "Hidden Valley" where we are located is truly wonderful and our regulars never tire of the many and varied paths that bring them to the Clarion.

Major refurbishment of the building has taken place, made possible with funds raised by our supporters and the labour of volunteers. Further work is also underway. We need to raise a further £3,000 to complete the last restoration phase.

We are open every Sunday and some Bank Holidays and we offer a warm welcome to both seasoned walkers and cyclists and families out for a Sunday stroll.

Pints (and mugs) of the celebrated Clarion Tea are on sale along with a variety of other beverages and confectionery.

You can even wash down your own packed lunch with a drink purchased from us.

The local ramblers have made a major contribution in ensuring that both the spirit and the fabric of the Clarion House have survived until today.

Cyclists visit in profusion including several Clarion Cycling Clubs. Serious riders from as far away as Keswick, having left before breakfast, refuel and join in the banter with local family groups who have peddled a blissful few miles from one of the nearby towns or villages.

The Clarion is a simple stop off for those who find contentment from their own labours, the great outdoors and friendly company. We hope to see you soon!

Clarion and Newchurch

The Clarion (bottom right) with Newchurch in the distance.


Plaque marking the renovation of the veranda (our room with the view).


Service with a smile.